Let’s make it easy.
Data is collected and maintained in Italy.  To offer you the choice to organize a fundraising, to share and promote it with your networks, to manage your project, we thought to build Mecenate as it is.

We do not send data to any advertising agencies searching for clients.

About your account, we save only the datas you want to give us (rarely go further than your e-mail or website address).

You keep a total control over these datas, you can edit or delete them anytime you want.

About Social Networks: we use Facebook, Google or Twitter Connect to ease the process for the users who’d rather login with their usual ID.
We don’t collect any data from your account other than your name and your profile picture.
We don’t transmit any data to Social Networks, except the ones that you’d specifically authorized.

The only nominatives infos that we transfer to a third party (e.g. PayPal), are your coordinates to the project owner you did support, so he can receive his funds.
Please consult also:
- Termini e Condizioni.